Outdoor Weather Station


Outdoor Weather Station.  Stainless steel.  Thermometer, Barometer with open dial and Hygrometer.

Dial:  130mm                Overall:  510 x 215mm

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Outdoor Weather Station.  Stainless steel.  Thermometer, Barometer and Hygrometer.  The Barometer has an open dial which allows you to see the attractive mechanism.

Barometers read the pressure of the immediate location where placed.  It will advise you of what weather to expect in the next 12 – 24 hours.  No need to rely on regional weather forecasts.

How to ready your barometer:  The gold pointer in the glass should be turned so that it rests directly above the black barometer pointer.  The gold pointer acts as a marker enabling you to remember today’s pressure when you next look at your barometer.  You can thus see whether the pressure is rising or falling and how significant a rise or fall in pressure has occurred.   A rapid increase in pressure indicates a short period of good weather and a fast decrease indicates storms and strong winds approaching. 

A slow, constant increase in pressure indicates a period of settled, dry, sunny weather, whereas a steady decrease indicates persistent bad weather.

If the pressure falls considerably below 1000 millibars, you can expect storms and strong winds.

Thermometer measures the temperature and Hygrometer measures the humidity in the air.

Outdoor Weather Station is a very useful tool for those involved in outside activities: farmers, golfers, gardeners, horse owners and walkers alike!

Installation – we recommend that you install the weather station at a point that is protected as far as possible from weather conditions.  It should be largely protected against direct sunlight and rainfall so that the hygrometer and thermometer display unaltered values.

Made in Germany



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Dimensions 40 × 33 × 27 cm