Small pocket watch style Barometer

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Small pocket watch style Barometer.  The white dial is easy to read, allowing you to monitor the weather conditions in your immediate vacinity. A classical design with mahogany finish round wood with brassed bezel and hanging ring. Our smallest wood mounted Barometer a very attractive addition to any household.  A matching Hygrometer is also available in this style (monitors humidity level within the home).  No battery required. Full instructions supplied on how to set and start weather forecasting!

Dimensions:  120mm overall with 95mm dial

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Small pocket watch style Barometer.  A classical design which is very popular.  The white dial is  easy to read.  A barometer reads the atmospheric pressure in your  immediate area. It a very useful tool for anyone involved in outdoor activities.  Easy to set up (full instruction provided) no further adjustment should be required unless the barometer is moved to another area.

The gold pointer in the glass should be turned daily so that is is directly above the black pointer.  The gold pointer acts as a marker enabling you to remember todays pressure when you next look at your barometer.  If the pressure is rising or falling enables you to forecast weather conditions.  Barometers forecast conditions 12 to 24 hours ahead.  A weather forecasting guide will accompany your barometer so you will understand the significance of the Barometer readings.