Wall mounted Time & Tide Clock


Wall mounted Time & Tide Clock.  Solid ash mount with chrome bezel. Tidal predictor.  Elegant design – for home use

Matching Barometer & Clock available.

Overall Dimension:  170mm                           Dial:  120mm

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Wall mounted Time & Tide Clock.  Solid ash mount with chrome bezel

Time & Tide clock mounted on wood is an attractive addition for any household lucky enough to be living near the water! Solid ash wood surround with chrome bezel. The clock will predict the average state of the tide once it has been correctly set which satisfies most peoples needs. There is a matching clock and barometer in this range.

It must be stressed that other influencing factors such as storms, high or low surface pressure and direction can affect the actual tide times.

Full instructions will be provided to set and use your clock

The primary controller of the tides is the moon.  The average duration between two transits of the moon around the earth is 24 hours 50 minutes and 30 seconds – this is referred to as the lunar or tidal day.  It means the tidal day – to which the tide indicating hand is geared – is 50 minutes and 30 seconds longer than the solar day of 24 hours.  The Time & Tide Clock has four hands – the blue tidal hand runs 50 minutes late every 24 hours, thus indicating the average times of the tides at a given point.  The regular hour, minute and second hand give you the regular time of the day.

The west coasts of Europe and Africa and the east coasts of North and South America follow the semi-diurnal pattern of two high and two low tides each day, more or less equally spaced, so your tidal clock can be used.  However certain others coasts such as the west coasts of North and South America are not semi-diurnal, therefore the tide indicating part of your tidal clock will not function in these areas


Matching wall mounted Barometer & Clock available



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