Banjo Barometers

Banjo Barometers forecast outside weather conditions whilst monitioring the temperature and humidity level within the home. They say that the British are obsessed with the weather. A barometer forecasts weather conditions 12-24 hours ahead for the exact area where it is located. We know that many farmers rely on a barometer for much the same reason – they need that warning window of 12-24 hours that a barometer offers. The Banjo Barometer allows you to forecast  the outside weather, in your exact locality (12-24 hours ahead) whilst monitoring the indoor temperature and humidity level within your home.

Humidity Level – a comfortable humidity level for the home is 35-60%.  Below 30% is too dry for you and your home.  Low humidity can cause static electric,  dry itchy skin/eyes.  Make you more prone to colds and respiratory illness (ever notice how many people start getting colds when the central heating is turned on?)

Virus and germs thrive in a dry atmosphere and can allow damage to wood furniture and floors.

High humidity encourages mold growth, which in turn can cause breathing problems, especially those with asthma.

Temperature – the average recommended temperature for a home is 21C.  Some will need a higher temperature, like the elderly or ill.

The Banjo Barometer is a classic, often passed down from one generation to another!

The Banjo Barometer is a thoughtful gift for a special occasion – 21st birthday or Wedding.

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