Chrome Radio Controlled Clock 160mm/115


Chrome radio controlled Clock. Heavy, solid, cast brass which has been beautifully chromed to the highest quality. Lacquered and varnished giving a highly polished appearance. Suitable for marine applications.  No more need to manually change your clock in Spring and Winter.  This clock will automatically re-set one hour forward or one hour back as required providing you are within 1500kms of Frankfurt. Quartz driven. This clock is perfect for difficult to reach locations.  No more need to get the ladder out!  Suitable for boat or home. Supplied with 3 chrome screws for flange fitting or can be hung using the keyhole slot in the back plate.

Overall Dimension:  160mm                Dial:  115mm

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Chrome radio controlled clock. Quartz.  Automatic hour change (daylight savings). Receives signal from Frankfurt for up to 1500km. Perfect for clocks that you wish to locate in difficult areas. No need to access clock when summer time starts or ends.  The case is made of heavy cast brass which has been beautifully chromed to the highest quality. Lacquered and varnished giving highly polished appearance. Suitable for marine applications.  Rubber sealing ring fitted  to protect mechanism from moisture. Hinged door design makes fitting battery simple without the need to remove clock from mounting.

The performance of the Clock is subject to its ability to receive the radio signal transmitted from Frankfurt.  The Clock will only function within an approximate radius of 1500kms from Frankfurt.  Difficulty in reception will be experienced in metal clad buildings.

All our Clocks are supplied with batteries and will work as soon as a battery is installed.  We recommend you use quality batteries and that they are changed once a year to avoid leakage.  We do not recommend the use of rechargeable batteries.

FCC Precision has been established for over 35 years and is renowned for its marine quality instruments.  We manufacture and finish to the highest standard.  Marine instruments are built to order and are only despatched after rigorous testing.

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Dimensions 40 × 33 × 27 cm

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