Small Marine Barograph


Small marine Barograph suitable for sailing (fitted with damper device to even out the motion of the boat) Mechanism:  4 capsule               Precision:  +-0.5 hPa            Weekly recording Quartz driven, supplied with a felt tip pen, 50 recording charts (ref: 11HPA) and battery (1.5V Type LR6)

Beautiful natural coloured wooden  case with bevelled glass windows and brass carrying case.  Perfect gift for that special someone with an interest in sailing

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A beautifully compact marine Barograph which is ideal for use whilst sailing. It has a damper device  fitted to even out the motion of the boat so that a more stable reading can be obtained.  Equally suitable at home  where space may be a consideration.   The classically designed natural coloured wooden case has bevelled glass windows with a brass carrying handle.   The mechanism has 4 capsules, precision +-0.5hPa.  Weekly charts (50 supplied ref: 11HPA) along with Felt Tip Pen and Battery (1.5V Type LR6).  Please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery product built to order. A barograph is a recording aneroid barometer used to measure pressure.  The pointer in an aneroid barometer is replaced with a pen.  It produces paper chart called a barogram that records the barometric pressure over time.  This model records the pressure for one week on the chart Marine barographs (used on ships) include a damping device, this evens out the motion of the ship so that a more stable reading can be obtained. Perfect gift for someone special with an interest in sailing.

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Dimensions 20 x 12 x 14 cm