Marine Barograph for Sailing


Marine Barograph for sailing.  Fitted with damper device to even out motion of boat. Classical, compact design which is equally at home at sea or taking pride of place in a study!  Perfect gift for a weather/sailing enthusiast.

Mechanism:  4 capsule               Precision:  +-0.5 hPa            Weekly recording

Quartz driven, supplied with a felt tip pen, 50 recording charts (ref: 11HPA) and battery (1.5V Type LR6)

Delivery lead time:  normally 15 – 20 days


Marine Barograph for sailing.   Beautifully compact Barograph which is designed for use whilst sailing. It has a damper device  fitted to even out the motion of the boat so that a more stable reading can be obtained.  Equally suitable at home  where space may be a consideration.  The classically designed mahogany finished case has bevelled glass windows with a brass carrying handle.  The mechanism has 4 capsules, precision +-0.5hPa.  Weekly charts (50 supplied ref: 11HPA) along with Felt Tip Pen and Battery (1.5V Type LR6).

A barograph is a recording aneroid barometer used to measure pressure.  The pointer in an aneroid barometer is replaced with a pen.  It produces paper chart called a barogram that records the barometric pressure over time.  This model records the pressure for one week on the chart

Marine barographs (used on ships) include a damping device, this evens out the motion of the ship so that a more stable reading can be obtained.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 14 cm